Peer to Peer

The Peer to Peer programme is intended to create opportunities to develop critical thinking and creative practice, to encourage discussion and debate around BALTIC exhibitions and key concepts within contemporary art, as well as offer professional development opportunities to artists. Through Peer to Peer, BALTIC staff engage more regularly with the post-graduate community at BALTIC 39, as well as other local universities. To date this ongoing, peer-led programme has included regular critical discussions in the galleries between BALTIC Crew and MFA students and studio critiques.

BxNU Respond

BxNU Respond is an ongoing dialogue between current Northumbria University post-graduate students and PhD researchers and the exhibitions in BALTIC’s project space, BALTIC 39. The post-graduate community based within Northumbria University’s studios at BALTIC 39 are invited to submit proposals for a public event which in some way must respond to or have a dialogue with some aspect of the exhibition.

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