BxNU Symposium
Jason Rhoades: Deviant Paths

Tuesday 21 April 2015

This BxNU Symposium brings together artists, curators, academics and writers, to activate an enquiry into the interlocking possibilities of meaning making presented by the exhibition, Jason Rhoades Four Roads.

During his lifetime Rhoades’ installations were rarely understood as finished or finite. Constantly in flux, works were divided up into constituent parts, materials reused and presented anew. Today the work continues to exist within a constant process of recontextualization and is imbued with parallel narratives as illustrated by the four interpretive themes, or roads, proposed in this display. To examine this multi-layered system of interpretation, the symposium will offer a range of deviant pathways through screenings, presentations, workshop and discussion. In a response to the artist’s absent presence the question shifts from, “What would Jason do?” to, “What has Jason done?”