20 January – 21 February 2016

BALTIC 39 | FIGURE THREE is the third iteration of the open
submission exhibition which offers a platform for artists to test works
and ideas, or to develop works in progress within a public context

Week One

20 – 24 January 2016

Kate V Robertson
Adaptive Expectations

Robertson often works across media site-specifically, responding to the particulars of a given space and context. At BALTIC 39 the artist will install ‘cobblestones’, created in situ, forming a path in the gallery and creating a new physical experience for the audience by ultimately allowing visitors to walk on a precarious terrain. A second installation will also be made, created from newsprint. Public event: 14.00-16.00 Saturday 23 January 2016 with an audio accompaniment.

Da Thirst
Da Thirst X BALTIC 39: Dawn of Justice

Da Thirst (founded 2012) is an expanded form magazine and artist conglomerate. Da Thirst works with an international, rotating assemblage of artists, musicians, writers and cartoonists to produce an annual publication which is distributed throughout Europe and the United States. Da Thirst will be blessing Newcastle (and the world) with five days of incredible content streamed LIVE from BALTIC 39 via

Kate V Robertson To Be Continued Courtesy the artist and Patricia Fleming Projects; Da Thirst Issue 4 2015 Courtesy of the artists

Week Two

27 – 31 January 2016

Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur is fascinated by the malleability of culture and the processes of how people interact with things. Kaur will present new works consisting of refashioned objects based on instinct and resourcefulness, reflecting a hybrid of national custom while reconsidering the realities of materiality, usage and everyday routine.


Sarah Kate Wilson

Sarah Kate Wilson makes paintings which continue to evolve as they exit the studio. The works are kept ‘alive’ through the use of ephemeral materials, by working with performers and by asking the audience to physically interact with them.

At BALTIC 39 Wilson will transfer her studio to the gallery and work with prisms and light to create rainbows that visit the surfaces of her paintings.

Public event: 15.00 Sunday 31 January 2016.

Jasleen Kaur Father’s Shoes 2009 Courtesy the artist;Sarah Kate Wilson Rainbow image 2015 Courtesy the artist

Week Three

3 – 7 February 2016

Daniel Clark
Foley fricatives

Daniel Clark will present new works in progress which explore the propulsion and phonation of sound cavities within BALTIC 39. Continuing a recent series of phonographic etchings, Clark will work with large found objects to examine the invisible physical phenomena that can result from the movement of pressure between two points, such as gusts of wind, tremors in the ground and speech sounds.


Tanya Axford, Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Jo Coupe, Jennifer Douglas
Object Relations

Over the last two years these five artists have been meeting to discuss the critical development of individual works. Object Relations is a series of conversations in the gallery, focused around an exhibition of work completed over the duration of the show. For five days BALTIC 39 will become an informal studio setting into which the artists will bring a collection of recent, un-shown or in progress works and will collectively install and curate their show through a process of discussion, observation, shared dialogue and making.

Object Relations is series of conversations in the gallery, focused around an exhibition of work that is completed over the duration of the show. For 5 days, Baltic 39 will become an informal studio setting into which artists Tanya Axford, Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Jo Coupe and Jennifer Douglas bring a collection of recent, un-shown or in-progress works. Each day the group will collectively make, install and curate their show through a process of discussion, observation, shared dialogue and making. This activity is punctuated by a series of meals in the gallery, where curators, other artists and writers are invited to contribute to the dialogue around the individual works and developing exhibition. Through this process, the space between the works, where the conversations occur, becomes as important as the objects themselves.

Daniel Clark Buccal Voice 2015 Courtesy the artist; Catherine Bertola Sad bones 2013 Courtesy the artist and Workplace Gallery

Week four

10 – 14 February 2016


Martin John Callanan
Each and Every Command       

Martin John Callanan is an artist researching an individual’s place within systems. Callanan’s artwork has been exhibited internationally and he has recently been awarded the prestigious Philip Leverhulme Prize for outstanding research within the visual arts. Callanan currently works at the Bank of England.

Cath Campbell
My mum was a beatnick/Canary yellow with royal blue       

Cath Campbell’s work encompasses drawing, photography, sculpture, film, installation and large-scale architectural interventions. For this exhibition Campbell proposes public readings from a changing collection of poetry describing a fictional journey across an American landscape taken from Canary yellow with royal blue, a series of 52 short films, currently in progress.



Week Five

17-21 February 2016

Luke McCreadie
…together with the obligation to express.

McCreadie uses sculpture, film, performance and music as methods of making, to produce a single body of work, each part building upon the last. This multifarious approach allows for a sense of confusion or blurring of boundaries between words and images, objects, films and performers. For FIGURE THREE he will use ‘the face’ as a system within which to categorize moving images and text, McCreadie will develop and alter this new work throughout the exhibition.

Mohammad Namazi

Around Hospitality

The temporal tensions between transience and permanency, or kinesis and stasis, have been a constant area of research for Namazi, exploring the polarity of subjects such as the rights of individuals, consumerism and the political exchange of power and hospitality. During this five-day exhibition Namazi will exhibit new installations using video, prints, sculpture, sound, the internet and kineticism. In addition, by turning part of the exhibition space into an artist studio, he will construct and develop a variety of new installations and sculptural structures throughout the show.


Luke McCreadie He Spoke in Images to Me (test) 2015 Courtesy the artist; Mohammad Namazi in betweenness 2014 Courtesy of the artist